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Updated may 21, 1998


African Forum News
What: Forum for International perspectives on immigration, welfare, job, affirmative action, education, finance, travel survival tips, child labor, environmental issues and the role of multinationals.

Change Links

Citizens for Leaders with Ethics and Accountability Now! (CLEAN)

Common Ground
What: Monthly magazine covering environmentalism, social responsibility and green living in Seattle

Eat The State!
What: Print - Weekly coverage of local and global news from a populist and humorous perspective

George Clark Productions
What: Creator of The Wanker and The Seattle Whitely, parodies of The Stranger and The Seattle Weekly

MediaCulture Review
Contact: Institute for Alternative Journalism

Northwest Asian Weekly
What: Seattle's only weekly English language newspaper serving the region's Asian Pacific-American communities; dedicated to empowering the Asian Pacific-American community.

The Portland Alliance

Real Change
What: Seattle’s homeless newspaper - Making a difference in people’s lives right now

What: a progressive student monthly at the University of Washington

Steelhead Magazine
What: Seattle’s handbook for the Next Northwest
When: Quarterly

Washington Free Press
What: Investigative news magazine featuring a wide range of political, environmental and social coverage with an unabashedly progressive orientation.

Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures
What: Magazine - YES! tracks the transition to new ways of living and working, and new forms of social, economic and political institutions that have the potential to add up to a sustainable society, enriching to the human spirit and in harmony with the natural world.
When: Bimonthly

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