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Bernadette Devlin McCallisky: Peace at Any Price?
The peace agreement in Ireland has been ratified by popular vote. Does that make it the best answer?

Working TV: Community Access Television
Forget Wayne's World. Community Access Television, with its low production values and tiny audiences, serves a very important function in the political and cultural landscape.

Sex Fish, Sex Bowl, etc
Three short films created collaboratively by lesbian filmmakers.

Uncle Sam's Indonesian Killers
The story behind Allan Nairn's investigative report "Uncle Sam's Indonesian Killers," which he had to sneak into Indonesia to do, and which got him arrested and deported. Nairn talks about the Suharto dictatorship, the IMF and the Clinton administration, and the struggle for freedom in East Timor.

Labor Express
Roger Ronnie of South African Municipal Workers Union This interview, conducted by Faheemah Shareef of SEIU Local 46 in Chicago, is about the necessity for working people from around the world to stand together in the face of globalization.

Chiapas History Lesson
A look at the cultural and historical forces leading up to the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico, as well as the recent government-sponsored massacre of indigenous farmers and villagers there.

Jericho 98 March on Washington
People's Video Network and DAMN (Direct Action Media Network) co- present "Jericho", scenes from the Jericho 98 March on Washington to free U.S. Political Prisoners.

Dyke TV
An interview with the Cuban-American, lesbian playwright Dolores Prida.

Grassroots Activism and Media Forum April 19
A RealAudio version of Jesse Hirsch's talk "Revolution and Counterrevolution on the Internet" and the conversation that ensued.

New York April 10 Chiapas Protest
Audio Report from New York April 10 Chiapas Protest (45 minutes raw tape).

Cooperating for a new economy: Women and Development
In response to increasing corporate control over social and economic resources, some women in Latin America and the Caribbean are turning to alternative development models; ones that value collaboration over competition, community empowerment over personal wealth.

Shell on Earth
British activist series 'Undercurrents' documents the collaboration of Shell Petroleum with the dictatorship of Nigeria in oppressing - and even slaughtering - innocent Ogoni people.

White Trash Girl returns
The underclass postfeminist hellraising toxic superhero is back to kick your ass in a new short film by Jennifer Reeder--Law of Desire. Booger-eating assholes beware.

Labor Express
The Multilateral Agreement on Investment promises to have as big an impact on workers and working families around the world--or even a greater impact--than NAFTA or GATT.

Marcos in Chiapas
Kerry Appel's interview with Subcomandante Marcos in Chiapas.

Where do you get your information?
Media eclipse segment from "Fear and Favor in the Newsroom".

Fear and Favor in the Newsroom
Clips and interviews from "Fear and Favor in the Newsroom".

Music as tool for social change
Documenting the use of music as a powerful tool for social change, from the jazz clubs of Nazi Germany to the rave scene in modern Britain.

Stephen Dunifer
Stephen Dunifer micro-radio piece.

Hemp for Victory!
A clip from the old U.S. propaganda film Hemp for Victory!

Food Not Bombs
Food Not Bombs Radio Network Update: Summer of Resistance, Part 2

Corporate sponsorship in public schools
Public schools across the country face increasing pressure to cut deals with corporations to pay for education materials and special programs...but at what cost?

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