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We'll help to extend this critical citizen's infrormation utility.


a citizen's
information utility

The Information Subway is a clearinghouse hub for independent media in the service of participatory self-government and democracy.

An authentic and functioning democracy requires informed citizens. If citizens do not have access to a free flow of information and ideas, they cannot determine the course of events that directly impact their daily lives.

Like broadcast radio and television before it, the information superhighway is being built to serve commercial, for-profit interests. The bottom line for the handful (under 10) corporate conglomerates who currently dominate the entire media spectrum is money.

Corporate media's adherence to this bottom line often supercedes a community's public interest in knowing all the facts.

Independent media strives to serve the public interest first and foremost, and operates with little or no money and much volunteer time and energy.

The Information Subway acts as a clearinghouse for independent media. Use it, and let us know what works and what doesn't.

seattle independent
media coalition

The Seattle Independent Media Coalition is an alliance of radio, print, internet and TV producers and activists. SIMC seeks to amplify our collective voice by facilitating communication and cooperation between groups, and undertaking projects that increase the participation in, exposure to, and consumption of media produced by the local community.

We see profit-driven, corporate domination of communication channels as a significant barrier to the free flow of information and ideas essential to a truly democratic society.

The coalition advocates more public and less corporate control over communications, and hopes to foster compelling alternatives to corporate media.

For information about coalition groups, visit the Information Subway Media Guide for film, radio, television, internet and print.

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