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august 4, 1998


At the End of a Sweltering Month - Denial on Global Warming (04 Aug)
Despite record temperatures and the prevalent view of the scientific community, some denial about global warming has not melted. In recent days, a troop of global-warming deniers journeyed to Capitol Hill. (full story)

Foreign government money and Capitol testimony - Norman Solomon (04 Aug)
On Capitol Hill one day in late February 1995, a subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific heard testimony from Edwin J. Feulner Jr., the president of the Heritage Foundation. The witness praised South Korea as a key ally of the United States and urged closer cooperation between Washington and Seoul. And he criticized the Clinton administration for being too conciliatory toward the regime in North Korea. (full story)

Eat the State - Crack Explosion Expose (04 Aug)
If you ever begin to lack cynicism about the U.S. government, ever start to let your guard down and trust national leaders, Gary Webb can provide you with an eye-opening antidote in his recent 550 page journalistic effort, Dark Alliance. Webb expands his famous San Jose Mercury News series about the CIA's role in facilitating the smuggling of cocaine into the U.S., earning huge sums for the Contra army in Nicaragua and the dictatorship of El Salvador, and helping to fuel the Los Angeles crack explosion in the early 80s. Not to mention giving the lie to the CIA's recent attempts to whitewash and deny the facts behind his expose. (full story)

Against the MAI International Week of Action September 21-29 (04 Aug)
In France, just as in Canada, US, Belgium and New Zealand, the disclosure of the content of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment caused indignation and at long last generated public debate. The "Dracula strategy" worked : the meaning of this "writing of the constitution for a single global economy" has been grasped by scores NGOs, trade-unions, political organisations and social movements. They are now working together in a common resistance to the "Silent Coup" of TNCs and investment banks via the MAI. (full story)

Can Corporations Be Accountable? (04 Aug)
Throughout this nation's history, there has always been plenty of genuflecting to democracy and self-governance. But the further each generation gets from the Revolution, the less the majority act like sovereign people. And when it comes to establishing the proper relationship between sovereign people and the corporations we create, recent generations seem to be at a total loss. (full story)

Free Radio Berkeley Press Release (04 Aug)
On Friday, August 7, Federal Judge Claudia Wilken will hear oral arguments on a motion to alter or amend judgement of her ruling of June 16 that enjoined Stephen Dunifer and, by extension, Free Radio Berkeley, from broadcasting without a license and from encouraging others to do so. (full story)

General Motors - A Political Strike Confronts the World Economy (04 Aug)
The strike against the General Motors corporation, based in the United States but expanding daily throughout the globe, ended this week, but the main issue at hand -- globalization and its economic and social effects -- has by no means gone away. Below is a basic summary of the strike and why it was an important landmark in the history of anti-globalization protests.(full story)

Presidential Scandal in the Eye of the Beholder - Norman Solomon (04 Aug)
Sensational news coverage of the Clinton- Lewinsky scandal is going to continue for a long time. Despite all the media criticism of Kenneth Starr, the co-dependent counsel is locked in a passionate embrace with the Washington press corps. They seem to need each other very badly. (full story)

American Thoughts on Race - Mumia Abu-Jamal (04 Aug)
What follows are the words of prominent Americans, who give their thoughts on race. Can you tell who is speaking? At the end their signatures will be given (no fair peeking!) Here goes. (full story)

Killing At School: Behind the Images (04 Aug)
In two weeks, the boys accused of the deadly shooting spree at their school in Jonesboro, Arkansas go on trial. Criminal justice and youth experts associated with the Institute for Public Accuracy say the trial -- scheduled to get underway shortly before millions of students across the nation return to classes -- should not be used to exploit the tragedy of school violence. The analysts warn against crafting policies and making statements that fuel fear at one of the safest institutions in America: schools. (full story)

First-person report from the Kola Anti-Nuclear Camp (04 Aug)
Antinuclear camp was established on July 19, 1998, on the Skin rock - the territory that Kola nuclear power plant (KNPP) in Russia owns, approximately 3.5 km from the plant. Camp wants to bring attention of russian politicians and population to the necessity to shut down dangerous, old and expensive KNPP. (full story)


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