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News can be bad, and bad news can impose a feeling of helplessness. Unless you decide to do something about the problem. Here are some projects underway that need your help.

"You don't live in a democracy: you use a democracy."
--Krist Novoselic, bass player, Nirvana

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august 4, 1998


Black Liberation Radio, Chattanoga threatened (4 Aug)
Lorenzoe Ervin, operator of Black Liberation Radio, Chattanoga has received mail from the FCC threatening arrest, equipment seizure, and possible loss of his home for broadcasting. (full text)

Leahy Resolution needs your support (4 Aug)
Yesterday the Mexican press published several articles about the Leahy Sense of the Congress Resolution, and it caused quite a stir in Mexico. The Leahy Resolution criticizes Mexico's handling of the conflict in Chiapas, calls for respect for human rights and calls for an end to expulsions of foreigners involved in human rights work. (full text)

Global Resistance: Labor's Response to Neo-Liberal Economics (4 Aug)
Mega-merger media outlets have given the oncoming Global Economy a big thumbs up. World trade agreements pile up on all the front pages, importantly, * after * our elected representatives have signed on the dotted line. (full text)

Defeat Hefley Amendment (21 Jul)
In response to demands from anti-gay religious political groups, some House Republican leaders have drafted an amendment to gut President Clinton's executive order banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in federal employment. (full text)

Oppose Riggs Amendment (21 Jul)
The Riggs Amendment to the VA-HUD Appropriations bill (H.R. 4194) would deny federal funds to any locality that requires private companies and organizations contracting with (or receiving a grant from) the locality to provide health care benefits to the unmarried, domestic partners of their employees. (full text)

Join signing a New York Times ad supporting a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal (21 Jul)
We ask you to join us in signing the enclosed full-page ad in the New York Times to win a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Philadelphia African-American journalist on death row. (full text)

Save Clinton's Executive Order: Federal Workplace Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation (14 Jul)
Representative Joel Hefley (R-Colorado) is leading an attempt to gut an executive order signed by President Clinton that would prohibit the federal government from discriminating against anyone based on his or her sexual orientation. (full text)



Support Zapatista Women!

UNESCO handbook on community radio

Keep Internet Open for Non-Corporate Use

QFREJ Pledge 2000 Campaign

Add the 'Stop the Violence in Chiapas' icon to your website

Stop the 1999 Cassini Probe flyby!




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NYFMA Invited to Sweatshop Tribunal

Call for essays: Peace Review

Web developers: Free service 'Bobby'

U of Michigan Media Seminar on Women and Gender, Nov 11-14

Interactive Screen 19.98, July 29-August 8

Affirmative Action Happening August 29

Job announcement: Lesbian Resource Center Executive Director

Position available: ConsumerNet Project Director

Executive Director position, Center for Commercial-Free Public Education

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