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Updated july 21, 1998


Action Site to Stop the
Cassini Earth Flyby

What: This website is focusing on coordinating an International Action on June 24, 1998, one year before the scheduled swingby around Venus to accelerate the Cassini probe toward Earth.

AMP Magazine
What: Internet magazine

Center for Defense Information
What: Independent monitor of the military

Democracy Direct
What: Site dedicated to reclaiming representative democracy l

Direct Action Media Network
What: A developing progressive news service focusing on providing multi-media coverage of inclusive campaigns, marches, protests and actions that the mainstream and even alternative media rarely represent

Free speech internet television
What: Video on the web. Encountering video programs during an Internet browsing session is a completely different experience than sitting on a couch and allowing television imagery to wash over you.

Georges Lessard
What: Community Access Communication Arts, Training, Management & Mentoring

Institute for the Advancement of Journalism
What: Dedicated to upgrading the standard of journalism throughout Africa

Institute for Public Accuracy
What: Tracks, and quickly responds to, the media output of major think tanks

MediaCulture Review
What: Award-winning quarterly zine published by Institute for Alternative Journalism, weekly in electronic form.

Labor Beat
What: Labor Beat is the Chicago-based Committee for Labor Access, which develops and distributes progressive television, radio, videos, and computer communications on labor and social issues.

Let It Be Known
What: A zine to create space for women to share their experiences. This zine is part of the space we're trying to create and will hopefully also change both women's and men's perceptions of women activists.

Media Education Foundation
What: Video resources for the 21st century.

What: The best internet source for breaking news and views for progressive-thinking Americans.


Project Vote Smart
What: Project Vote Smart tracks the performance of over 13,000 political leaders

Seattle Community Network
What: Internet provider - Free public access network for the community of Seattle,making on-line services available (13,000 current users)

Speakeasy Cafe
What: Internet Cafe - Coffee, computers, performance: Down the street and around the world

Taking Care of Business: Citizenship and the Charter of Incorporation
What: We do not have to plead with corporations to be socially responsible, or grant them concessions and incentives to cause a little less harm. If we citizens want to control the corporation, we must be the ones to define it.

Washington State Campaign for Democracy
What: Civic action group dedicated to re-invigorating citizen participation in the public political process

Tao Communications
What: Tao Communications is a free association of media workers. We organize together in order to defend and expand public space and the right to self-determination. We create knowledge through independent public interest research, and spread knowledge through participatory education.

World Wide Free Press
What: Resource for independent media articles from around the world.

Young Labor Left
What: Support the Wharfies by sending a free fax to Corrigan, Reith, Howard and the media!

Znet / Z Magazine
What: Educational offerings, socially responsible internet guides, audio and publishing functionality and archives, socializing facilities, Z Magazine article archives and search engines, activism updates and campaigns, research tools, and interactive forums

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