Brighton and London, 12 – 20 May 2003

I took off for 10 days to visit my friend Mary in Brighton, UK.

The photos include a 100 ft inflatable sculpture of a cube-headed Pinocchio in black, courtesy of American artist Paul McCarthy, now on exhibit at the Tate Modern, as well as various city images and a somewhat abandoned building that my friend Sherry’s friends are converting to artist spaces. Thank you to Iain and Storme for accommodation at their beautiful flat in Bounds Green! Not present, but viewable elsewhere on this site, are those pictures of the condoms from Nasty Nip.

A series of stills from a train ride from Brighton to London:

Sometimes British English to American English gets lost in translation, like for instance, pork products. Of course, this is to bind into a bundle, but I’ve only heard that with sticks or cigarettes. Pork bundles?

“Hundreds of families entered the nationwide search, resulting in a nail-biting final. The Doody family from Dudley, Wolverhampton beat off stiff competition to take their place as The Faces of Mr Brain’s Faggots.”
from Hibernia Foods’ Mr. Brain’s website

Travis and Jen’s wedding

Select Las Vegas wedding photos from Travis and Jen’s wedding!

Thanksgiving in Dallas

With Dad, Sue and Lexi, Travis and Jen, me and a mysterious stuffed tiger.