The special place for artsy design imagery, complete with beret and cigarette holder.


  • Design from Cornish
    A series of photographic and print work created while a student at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.
  • USA Patriot Act Awareness Campaign
    Using a retail approach, a USA Patriot Act Awareness campaign that appeared in the May/June 2002 issue of Adbusters.
  • Seal of Ethical Standards
    A proposed system I developed for showing ethical ratings on every product, determined by an independent, international standards body.



  • Lidia: In Loving Remembrance
    After my mother, Lidia, passed away in 1999, I decided to create a book of memories from family and friends, and incorporate a genealogical sketch with our family’s Ukrainian history.
  • Spare THIS! logo for Sunset Bowl league
    The salad days at Qwest had two bowling teams from our little independent web shop. This was the logo I designed for one of the teams.


  • Citizen Vagrom
    This is the second site I ever designed, and one geared towards alternative media. It was my first pro-bono project.
  • The Information Subway site design
    Another site I designed geared towards the independent media movement, three years before the Battle in Seattle.


  • My first website design
    Wow. Back in 1996, at one of my greatest full-time jobs, I designed and built what was my first website for my then-employer, Documents International. Mmm… textured backgrounds. That’s so… so… 1996.


  • Mandala
    This eventually became a proposed cover for a CD, but started as a few images I generated while studying briefly at Columbia College in Chicago in 1992.


  • Crappy 3d experimentations
    My brief ownership of Lightwave 3D, first on the Amiga and later on a 486, proved disastrous. While the quality of the animation was “okay”, the overuse of textures and lens flares was inexcusable.


  • Mike’s Guide to Growing Old and Decrepit
    During my dark, cynical days at Northern Illinois University, I created this Hypercard stack (converted to Flash for your viewing pleasure) in 1990, at the then-fledgling “Electronic Media” emphasis of the design program there.
  • WKDI Posters
    I worked at a college radio station for two semesters, thanks in part to my dorm neighbor, Brian (”Goat Boy”). After having the choice spot of Mondays from 2am – 6am, I ventured to the Wednesday night 9am – midnight slot, calling the show ‘Seditious Radio’.


  • Editorial cartoons
    My last semester in high school found me working as a cartoonist for The Cutting Edge, Streamwood High School’s newspaper, after making about 100 strips of a comic strip called ‘Ivan the Russian’, featuring a Russian exchange student and an alcoholic principal that share vodka toasts.


  • Thus Spake Zarathrustra
    I probably didn’t even know what this meant, but as a then 10-year-old, I felt pretty damn intelligent, and for some reason, despite malformed-headed renderings, I won second place and $10 in the 1980 Elgin Symphony Orchestra’s Student Art Contest.