First post (sort of)

So this is my first attempt at a personal website. The text section contains various writings over the years, images will fill up gradually, as will the people (I know), news and files. Basically, a blank slate waiting to be filled with love, conflict, and up-to-rated R content.

“Truckers are not second class citizens. We are the willing doing the impossible. Please help us if you can.”
Seen on the back of a truck from a bus on the way to Brighton from London, UK

I spent the last couple of weeks in the three cultural capitals of the world: San Francisco, Las Vegas and London/Brighton, UK. Highlights included a 100 ft inflatable sculpture of a cube-headed Pinocchio in black, courtesy of American artist Paul McCarthy, now on exhibit at the Tate Modern. That, and the West Pier burned down as I was arriving there.

Anyway, to celebrate, I now present exotic pictures of condoms, purchased from Brighton’s Japanese specialty store, Nasty Nip.

Japanese condoms

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