OAC Swim Lesson part II

More photos from Ellie’s swimming lessons at OAC.

Around the house

Photos of the girls right before lunch with Ivan and Mary (photos by Mary).

Ellie’s swimming lesson at OAC

with Ryan, her instructor, as Ellie starts to learn to swim. I’m used as a ferry for Nola back and forth in the pool. 🙂

Golden Gardens

Ellie and Nola at Golden Gardens.

At the park

Photos of Ellie and Nola playing at the park.

Woodland Park Zoo

Photos from the Zoo and lovely penguins.

Birthday cake for Dada

…off the heels of my SF trip, with some proper cake and candles at home. Whole Foods = best cake ever.

At Georgia’s with Ivan and Mary

Pictures of Ellie and Nola at Georgia’s with Ivan and Mary.

At the Children’s Museum

Photos of Ellie and Nola at the Children’s Museum.


Ellie and Nola have fun with bubbles in the backyard.