Mother’s Day at Steelhead Diner

What happens when you cross the best fancy diner in Seattle with a kitchen fire? Mother’s Day mayhem, plus a photo with the Seattle Fire Department’s finest! Also, funny kid-friendly cookware from Sur La Table.

Birthday cake for Dada

…off the heels of my SF trip, with some proper cake and candles at home. Whole Foods = best cake ever.

Happy birthday to me!

A day and a half in San Francisco with an amazing piece of cake at the Mission Beach Cafe, followed by opening night at Martins West Gastropub in Redwood City.

At the Children’s Museum

Photos of Ellie and Nola at the Children’s Museum.


Ellie and Nola have fun with bubbles in the backyard.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Ellie and Grammy color Easter eggs.

Golden Gardens

Photos of Ellie and Nola on the beach at Golden Gardens.

Pike Place Market

Photos from the Pike Place Market and some serious funky accordion playing.


Pictures from Tracy of Ellie and Nola at Zoomazium.