Mariners v White Sox

We left after scoreless 9 innings — and when we got home and tucked the kids in, I figured I’d see what the score was — but it was still on! The Mariners pulled it out 1-0 in the bottom of the 14th, after Griffey hit to right field, bringing the man on second home. Photos by Tracy.

And birthday wishes to Mom, who would have been 67 today. I miss you.

Fishing on Shilshole with Captain Carl

After a year hiatus, the gang reunited to battle for the Captain Carl award — this year’s prize went to Daron. I caught an errant crab pot. 🙂

Mother’s Day at Steelhead Diner

What happens when you cross the best fancy diner in Seattle with a kitchen fire? Mother’s Day mayhem, plus a photo with the Seattle Fire Department’s finest! Also, funny kid-friendly cookware from Sur La Table.

Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Pictures from a lovely weekend in Half Moon Bay at the Ritz-Carlton, with our badass rental car, a black Dodge Charger. Vroom!

A double-dose of The Stranger

I normally just skim our alt-weekly The Stranger, but this week provided two must-read articles: one person’s perspective on the economic slowdown, called United States of Anxiety, and a book review of Steven Seagal’s filmography and discography, relived in order of release.

Humanity is not dead in “Wall-E,” but it is in peril. The world’s population cruises the heavens ceaselessly on a mammoth luxury spaceship that it boarded in the early 22nd century after the planet became uninhabitable. For government, there is a global corporation called Buy N Large, which keeps the public wired to umpteenth-generation iPods and addicted to a diet of supersized liquefied fast food and instantly obsolete products. The people are too bloated to walk — they float around on motorized Barcaloungers — but they are happy shoppers. A billboard on the moon heralds a Buy N Large outlet mall “coming soon,” not far from that spot where back in the day of “Hello, Dolly!” idealistic Americans once placed a flag.
from the Frank Rich column, “Wall-E for President

38 special

A day off to keep things interesting on my 38th birthday (yesterday), with CAKE!