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may 1998
MAI days on Vagrom TV...

Okay, it's actually TCI's Channel (29), but if you can stand to part from your weekly dose of the Simpsons, tune in on Sundays at 8pm and you'll see Citizen Vagrom's May '98 micro media line-up...

May 3rd:
Media Critic Neil Postman (author of "Amusing Ourselves to Death"); Sexual role-reversal short films by Sue McNalley; Non-Corporate Newswire and Activist Calendar.

May 10th:
Steal This Radio, pirate radio from Manhattan's lower east side; Steve Rendal and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting; clips from last year indie media extravaganza, FREE (our public air-) WAVES --- mark your calendars for the sequel, June 7th --- Non-Corporate Newswire and Activist Calendar.

May 17th:
Martin Luther King Day on CIA Crack; Prince of Beliz, or, "Joe Camel re-decorates ancient Mayan ruins"; Race Relations by Mark O'Connel; Non-Corporate Newswire and Activist Calendar.

May 24th:
Cowboy Jesus, a revisionist lesbian take on the greatest story ever told, by Jamie Yerkes; Forbidden Music; Bim Sherman, Solid as a Rock; Non-Corporate Newswire and Activist Calendar.
May 31st:
Media and Democracy Archives - Seattle Independent Media Coalition members take a road trip down to San Francisco as delegates to the 1st Media and Democracy Congress: meet Robert McChesney, Ben Bagdikian, David Barsamian, Jerry Brown, and other indie media luminaries in this ground-breaking event; Non-Corporate Newswire and Activist Calendar.



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