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who we are
Citizen Vagrom describes itself as a grassroots response to corporate dominated media. Our aim is to generate a broad public debate on the impact of corporate media on democracy, and to build alternatives to profit-driven communications. Focusing on the dominant medium of the day, TV, Vagrom produces a monthly video magazine highlighting grassroots efforts to reclaim voice and culture from those who are simply in the business of serving up audiences to advertisers.

what we do
Our magazine has featured interviews with Ralph Nader, founder of Public Citizen and other public interest groups; Noam Chomsky, renowned media analyst; Ben Bagdikian, winner of nearly every award for journalism; locally produced stories on Micro-powered "Pirate" Radio and Self-Publishing comic book artists; counterspins on biased reporting like the Ď94 Police Riot on Capitol Hill (against homeless youth who were in fact peacefully protesting police harassment); short films, music videos, video art, the best of Public Access programming, voices from the streets, and more.

tune in
Citizen Vagromís monthly "videoZine" can be seen weekly on Channel 29, and as a FREE VIDEO RENTAL at participating local, independent outlets like Rain City Video (all three stores!), Video Vertigo (913 E. Pike), Broadway Video (Broadway Market) and Scarecrow Video (University District).

activate now
There are many ways to involve yourself in Citizen Owned and Operated Media:

Volunteer: Help out with some of the fun day to day chores of building a citizen's information utility.

Submit: Send us video that doesn't fit into the neatly defined channels of profit-driven media. Short films, documentaries, rants, research, news stories, et cetera.

Spread the Word: Tell your friends about the concept, hold an impromptu screening of our videoZine, send in letters to the editor of your choice, convince your local independent video outlet to carry our tapes.

It's easy to do, and necessary. Just call or send correspondence, and we'll plug you in.

seattle independent media coalition
Citizen Vagrom is a spearheading member of the Seattle Independent Media Coalition, an alliance of radio, print, internet and TV producers and activists. SIMC seeks to amplify our collective voice by facilitating communication and cooperation between groups, and undertaking projects that increase the participation in, exposure to, and consumption of media produced by the local community.

We see profit-driven, corporate domination of communication channels as a significant barrier to the free flow of information and ideas essential to a truly democratic society.

The coalition advocates more public and less corporate control over communications, and hopes to foster compelling alternatives to corporate media.

For information about coalition groups, visit the Information Subway for film, radio, television, internet and print.



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"Freedom from tyranny through a democratic process is IMPOSSIBLE without a truly informed citizenry."
-Errol Vagrom


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We are a member of the Seattle Independent Media Coalition