an image of a person at a computer with multilingual words coming out of the screenCultural translation
For some, crossing into new frontiers can be a nerve-wracking experience.

The guy in front of you has broken into a sweat, dropped his phrasebook, he's fumbling around in his briefcase for paperwork, and the border guard is suspiciously eyeing his bags -- you could be in for a long wait.

At Documents International, we can't guarantee that your bags won't be searched -- but we can ensure your communication will be in order. We shape your message to precisely fit your international clients' cultures, regions and industries. Language is a small part of it. The tone needs to be right. The colors too. For some, it can seem complicated. For us, it's our business.

In a world of unfriendly border guards, we'll help you through.

a globe with the words 'What's your type?Typesetting
You've worked hard for your image. Spent hours, days, even years perfecting the message. If international marketing is your job, you know how difficult it is to find a company that typesets foreign languages which your company's reputation can depend on. We typeset in more than 120 languages. Whether you need Traditional Chinese or Amharic, we know your type.

We turn excellence into:
Excellence (in Russian),
Excellence (in Chinese),
Excellence (in Arabic),
Excellence (in Japanese)
and Vorzüglichkeit!

And yes, we do English.

an image of different monetary symbolsGraphic Design
Your success depends on trusting your instincts. And your instincts tell you that to be successful internationally, your graphics must speak to your clients before your words do. Documents International is your entry into a world of increased international profits. Whether your market is Thailand, Japan, Siberia, or Brazil, our designers will get you noticed.

Discover a whole new world of graphic design that you can bank on.

an image of an old map with the DI logoNew Media/New Markets
Exploring emerging markets can be treacherous if you are relying on old tools and dated maps. Computers, the Internet, World Wide Web, and Multimedia are quickly enlarging the locations of business. At Documents International, we'd be happy to give you a geography lesson. We design multilingual web pages, provide digital voiceovers for your advertising, and transform your interactive CDs into a product the world will understand. If your company is blazing a new trail, we can give your media an international spin that will keep you ahead of the competitors and keep you from falling off the edge of the Earth.

We'll draw you a whole new map.

an image of film output with cropmarks, Chinese text and the DI logoimagesetting
Picture this -- everything is packed and you're ready to go. Graphics and text have been checked, rechecked and refined. Your printing success now depends on precise high-resolution imagesetting.

Relax. It's your turn for a vacation. We understand exactly what you need. We produce the highest quality imagesetting available today. In fact, we're the premier service bureau for Asian languages in the Northwest. Companies worldwide turn to us for their Asian language imagesetting, as well as 120 other languages.

As a service bureau, we imageset everything in-house, saving you time and money -- time and money you could spend elsewhere. Like Samoa or Bora Bora. Say, wouldn't some business cards be good for that?

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